Troubleshooting Netgear extender:

Here, in this page we are explaining some of the issues and their best possible solution. If you are unable to solve the problem after trying these solutions then chat with the technicians to get a solution.

Problem 1:

You have entered a wrong password or passphrase and your extender has WEP security. Now, you are not able to access the extender and want a solution for the same.


If this is the case then your wifi device is not able to get the IP address from the Netgear extender. The extender is not able to verify the password. The only solution for this problem is hard reset your extender. Follow the procedure given on the website for resetting. After reset, the extender is able to get the IP address.

Problem 2:  

The installation CD that comes up in the extender box has lost somewhere or there is no CD at all.


In this case, you may contact the dealer to complain that there is no CD in the box. Or you can setup the router by using the web interface of the extender and by default that is This is also easy but it may be the case that you require some technical help regarding some issues encountering while accessing the web address. So, for this thing we are here to help you

Problem 3:

A user does not know the username and password to login to the admin page of the extender.


If you have changed the username and password then it is a personalised one. You cannot use the default username and password in this case. To use the default one you have to reset the extender to factory default settings. If you have not changed then you can use the default. The default username is admin and default password is password

Problem 4:

Is guest network of a router is extendable through the extender or not?


Yes this is possible.

Problem 5:

Why it is recommended to have the latest firmware of the extender?


The firmware should be the latest one because it can increase the stability and performance of the extender. The new extender comes with some bugs fixing and having some new features as well.

Problem 6:

Is it possible to add more than one extender to the same main router?


Yes it is possible to do this. You cannot extend the extender network with another extender. Any number of extender can be connected to the main router.

Problem 7:

The setup window is asking for the password again and again. And the user is sure that he is entering the correct one.


This is happening because the extender is not within the range of the main router’s network. Place the extender near to the main router or under the wireless range of the main router.

Problem 8:

How to find the optimal position for a Netgear extender?


The optimal position can be found through the chat method. Take two laptops and start doing chatting and also start going far with a laptop in hand. When there is no connection and chat window shows no connection then there is no range of the wireless signal of the main router. You have to place the extender within the range of the main router’s network. After finding this, simply place the router midway between the router and the place where there is no signal.

Problem 9:

The Netgear extender can be set up by using the Genie App or not?


Genie App cannot be used to set up the extender. A user can use this app to manage and control the main router.

Problem 10:

The Netgear Extender web interface is not opening?


The reason for this is many. Try to open using a different browser. Delete the cache of the browser and then try again. Use the IP address of the extender to access the login page instead of using the web address. If none of these works then lastly you can hard or soft reset your extender

Problem 11:

Netgear extender can be used with existing router or you have to purchase a new Netgear router?


A Netgear extender can be used with any router. There are some things that you should keep in mind. If the main router is of single band then there is no need to purchase a dual band extender

There can be any other issue rather than those mentioned above. No need to worry, our dedicated team is always online to solve your problems. Chat with us through the live chat window. We will provide a solution instantly and stay connected to you till the problem gets resolved.