Genie Setup

What is Netgear Genie?

Netgear Genie is an app developed and provided to the users by the Netgear Company to control, manage and monitor the Netgear router remotely. You can view the connected devices to your network and can alter the settings very easily by accessing this application on your tablet or mobile phone. You can open the Graphical User Interface to change the settings of the Netgear router.

Some of the common things that you can do with the Netgear Genie App

  • You can turn on the parental controls and also manage the settings of the same feature.
  • You can view the network map that shows how much and which device is connected to your network.
  • It has the capability to recover internet connectivity if it gets disconnected. This process is automatic.
  • You can also setup a guest network for the visitors.
  • You are able to connect with any wireless network and can also check interference by other networks.

Netgear Genie Desktop App

There is also a Netgear Genie App for desktop or PC. Download the app from the official website of Netgear and enjoy easy access to various features of Netgear router. We are discussing here some of the common features provided by the Netgear Genie PC App.
  1. Guest Network: Without entering into the GUI of your router, you can change the settings and access the guest network. You cannot make the guest network but can change the settings. The meaning of guest network is your visitors or guests can access the internet without interfering the main network. Go to router settings then guest access to alter the settings.
  2. Speed Test: When you do speed test then you will get the speed of your broadband connection and also the download speed provided by the router. This speed test can be done through this app.
  3. Network Map: You can view the internet connections of the router and also have all the details of connected devices to your network. If the connection line shown is green then the connection is good and active. But if the line is red then there is no connection or poor connection.
  4. Parental Controls: The Netgear Genie firstly check that if this feature is supported by your router or not. If yes then it allows you to click on the Parental control and manage the feature. You can setup the parental controls by just following some guidelines.
  5. Tools: Under the Network Support various tools are available for the users. We are explaining the detail meaning of these tools.
    1. Ping: If you want to test a path then use this tool. Enter the path of your computer and also the destination computer.
    2. Trace Route: If you want to see the router travelled by the data packets to reach from source to destination then use this feature of the router.
    3. DNS Lookup: Do you want to find the IP address of a website then enter the domain name by going to the DNS Lookup. It will give the IP address of the respective website.
    4. Computer Profile: The source computer or the computer you are using, this feature will show the details of it. The details include operating system and network connections.
  6. Wireless Settings: By this feature, you can change the password, network name, channel selection and various other things like this. Go to router settings then wireless settings and then modify to make changes in the settings. Alter the settings and click on apply button. If the router and device connected wirelessly then you need to connect your device to the router again as all the connections will get lost.

If you need help in regards with Netgear Genie then you can contact us. Our experts have enough knowledge of Netgear Genie App and they can also guide you on how to operate the Netgear Genie App. To know more, get in touch with us via the live chat window.