What is www.mywifiext.net?

Are you facing issues with the coverage or range of your main router? No worries, we find a solution for you. Install a Netgear extender in your home to extend the range of the existing wireless router and use mywifiext.net for the setup. Mywifiext.net or www.mywifiext.net is a domain name provided by the Netgear Company to setup its range extender. Please note that this is not a basic website address but is only used to setup the Netgear extender. Netgear extender is able to cover the whole area and provide maximum coverage and performance. All the routers are not capable of covering a large area so these extenders are used to increase the coverage area of your main router.

mywifiext net setup

Use of IP address

A user can also use the IP address provided by Netgear Company to setup the extender. Default IP address is We are telling you here that the web address mywifiext.net or www.mywifiext.net also redirects you to the same IP address. We use a domain name instead of IP addresses because it is easy to remember the letters than numbers. Both work in the same manner and open a login page on the screen. After the opening of the login page, you just have to enter the details and will get entered into the admin panel of the extender. You can change the settings from this window like setting parental controls, setting guest network, look at the network map, and change the network name and password of the extender.

Working of a Netgear Extender

All the extenders produced by various different Companies work in the same way. So, same is the story of Netgear extender. It takes the signal from the main router, and re-broadcast it to the zones where there is no internet connection or limited internet connection. They are very helpful in making the impossible thing possible. Do not need to spend much again in purchasing a new router for the dead zone areas. Purchase an extender that costs half the price of the main router. This saves your money and it is small in size as compared to the router. So, it is very easy to handle and place the Netgear extender.

How to place an extender?

The position of the extender matters a lot. The optimal position considered to place an extender is between the router and the dead zone. Make sure the extender is within the range of your main router otherwise it cannot be able to take the signal from the router. If it happens then the dead zone areas cannot be fun zone areas as they are not able to get the signal from the extender.

You can also place the extender nearby main router when you are installing it. After installation, you can place it anywhere within the range of the main router. Keep in mind there should not be any obstacle in between the extender and dead zone. The obstacle can be a thick wall, mirror, radio frequencies emitted by codeless phones etc. So, make sure there is no such kind of obstacle.


Mywifiext.net setup

We will discuss here the setup of the Netgear extender through its web interface “mywifiext.net”. Open an Internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Type the domain name into the address bar of the browser window. And hit enter key. The Netgear Genie Wizard opens in which you have to type the login details of the extender to start the setup of the extender. If you are unable to find the login details of your extender model, contact our team to know about it. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup after opening of setup wizard.

If you want to change the wireless settings of your extender then we are explaining how you can do this. Follow the steps given to change the wireless settings

How to change the wireless settings of the Netgear extender?

Firstly, check that your device from which you are going to alter the wireless settings must be connected to the network of your extender.

  • Type net in the address bar of a browser window. You can use any of the latest browsers. Make sure to enter the web address into the address bar not in the search field.
  • In the coming window, enter the username and password. See the details on the product label of the extender. If you have changed the login details then use those to enter into the admin panel of the extender.
  • Go to wireless setup tab and type the new network name for your extender. And it is up to you if you want to have the same name for both the extender and the existing router.
  • Select the security type and enter a new password for the new network name. Click on apply button to save the changes you have made.
mywifiext net setup

Troubleshoot issues connecting to www.mywifiext.net

Try some of the tips given here to fix the issue of not opening of web interface of the Netgear extender.


  1. Place the main router and the Netgear extender in the same place.
  2. Check the power light of the Netgear extender, it should be solid green. And the Netgear extender must be plugged in into an electrical outlet.
  3. Use the default IP address:
  4. Try to open the user interface by using a different browser. Delete the cache of your browser.
  5. Hard or soft reset your extender if you are still not able to access the login page of the extender.
  6. Set a static IP address to your computer.
  7. If still the problem persists, talk to our expert team regarding your issue. You can chat with the team through the live chat window provided.

We have mentioned above that set static IP address to your computer. How you can do this, we are giving some steps here. Follow these steps to do the same.

Setting static IP address on your computer

  • Open the Network and sharing centre. Go to Start menu then control panel.
  • Click on change adapter options.
  • Open the properties by right clicking through mouse on the LAN connection.
  • Select the Internet protocol and highlight it. Then go to properties button and click on it.
  • Select use the following IP address option. Fill the fields given by the values. And close and properties option.
  • Click Ok and Apply button to save the changes.
mywifiext net setup

You have successfully set the static IP address. There can be any kind of issues, you may face while installing the Netgear extender. The main issue is caused by the mywifiext.net web interface. It cannot be opened easily. Other issues include cannot connect to the internet, cache is not clear, login details are not correct, password you are entering is correct but the window prompt saying you are entering a wrong password etc.

To solve these types of issues, get in touch with our team. Our team is having technicians who can solve your issue. Chat with them through the live chat window provided on the website. The team is available 24/7 to serve you.

I am unable to open NETGEAR Genie app. What should I do?

NETGEAR Genie is a useful app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS users that lets them make both advanced and basic setting changes, including updating the new firmware, changing SSID and resetting password. NETGEAR Genie offers a dashboard to handle, monitor and fix all your network issues. With the help of this app, you can control all media files from your smartphone or tablet in a remote manner. The app even provides support for single sign-on (SSO) feature that lets you make use of one set of login details for all NETGEAR accounts. In simple words, you can use the same username and password for all NETGEAR accounts. You can download NETGEAR Genie for desktop from its official website. For mobiles, grab the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

I can’t login to NETGEAR configuration page. What should I do?

While trying to access NETGEAR configuration page i.e. mywifiext.net, users may face various error messages. Browser cache and IP address issues are most common reasons why users face this error. In order to get access to this web page, all you have to do is:

  1. Place extender and router in the same room.
  2. Plug in the device into an electrical socket. Once done, make sure that its power LED becomes visible.
  3. Enter the default IP address into the address bar.
  4. In case you are still not able to log in to the page, try using a different web browser or contact mywifiext experts at 1800-810-8012.
  5. Connect desktop or laptop with WiFi range extender.
  6. Allocate a static IP address to the system.

Split-Second Assistance

Internet access is something we rely on for our everyday needs. So, if the network is unable to perform, you cannot wait for a technician to fix things up. Instead of getting into the fuss and dealing with it all by yourself, you can simply give a call at 1800-810-8012 and directly speak with a certified technician. This will not only help you to access mywifiext.net, but will also ensure that you do not mess up the entire network.

Result  Oriented Services

With the technician help and trying to connect to mywifiext.net, you can always see for yourself that how he is able to resolve the glitches. While the technician configures your range extender, you may try placing the extender at the best possible location and ask the technician for the same.

Instant Support & Resolutions

Now, you might have some computer repair services nearby your location. But most of the times, these are the hardware repair shops rather than the networking personnel. Most of the times, they ask for a hefty amount of money to get things fixed. Instead, you can give a call and get a free diagnosis and extender installation through mywifiext.net by a certified tech.

Convenient Extender Setup

Taking your router or computer to a local store means physically carrying the devices to-and-fro. This is not at all necessary. Simply give a call at the toll-free number 1800-810-8012 and get the issues fixed at your place itself.